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China petrochemical shunding rubber is widely used in the new field of printing equipment


Sinopec News Network News from May, Guangdong Le Puti New Material Technology Co., Ltd. from Maoming Petrochemical procurement of butadiene rubber has quadrupled the number, which is chemical sales South China Branch and customers to cooperate with the promotion of butadiene rubber products in Return on office equipment applications.

Guangdong Lepu Tai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces laser printers, photocopier accessories, but the market share of products is not high, the amount of butadiene rubber long-term in the single digits. After knowing that customers are optimistic about the market prospects of butadiene rubber in the field of printing equipment and continuing to increase research and development efforts, South China Branch sent someone to contact and learn about product standards and indicators, and actively contacted Maoming Petrochemical to meet customer requirements. Butadiene rubber, with technical personnel to adjust the formula to help customers promote the development of new products. Thanks to the close cooperation between the two parties, the quality of the development roller and charging roller at the core components of the printer's toner cartridge has been greatly improved, and the new product has excellent performance. It has been recognized by world-renowned companies such as Canon, Samsung, Ricoh, and Brothers to become designated suppliers. Business, product demand. With the expansion of customer's production capacity, Maoming Petrochemical butadiene rubber was used for the production of printers and copier accessories for bulk purchases, and new fields for the use of butadiene rubber were expanded.

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